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TimberXP developed an algorithm to facilitate the adoption of mass timber buildings

Following to the increasing demand and interest surrounding mass timber building, we are more often asked by our clients whether and to what extent specific projects can be re-thought in Mass Timber and/or hybridized.

In this context, we recently developed an algorithm that allows us to quickly evaluate as many options and variations as clients desire, in order to help them through the potential adoption of Mass Timber.

Among the features the algorithm allows to easily create and define:

- Rectangular, “L” and “C” shape geometries.

- Unlimited spatial grids.

- Up to 2x corridor lines (crucial in mass timber to better circulate MEP distributions, hence avoid penetrated and reinforced GL beams).

- Up to 2x core freely adjustable in size and position.

- Structural components, such as: columns; primary, corridor and façade beams; slabs and core.

- Straight forward plugin with our FEA software to import and analysis the structural behaviour.

Consequently, we can collect and issue data that would better inform clients' decision making, such as: BoM, pros and cos analysis, alternatives comparison, initial DfMA, kit of parts and components proposal; as well as preliminary info about manufacturing, trasportation, logistic and erection.

This algorithm brings a tremendous added value and helps us to optimise our daily basis workflow, by quickly carrying out concept, feasibility, and preliminary design; also facilitating the following detailed, procurement and manufacturing phases which TimberXP normally provide support for.

Whether you need support or simply wish to discuss, feel free to reach out at

For more information, please visit


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