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TimberXP | Light Frame Cantilevering Structure

Is it possible to construct a two-story house incorporating a 3-meter cantilevering floor using a timber light frame system?

We were tasked with furnishing a proficient response to the given inquiry.

Just like our previous success, this endeavor features an impressive 3m cantilevering floor, showcasing our commitment to structural ingenuity.

In response to our client's unique vision, we departed from the previous project you recently explored.

Instead of an entirely Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) structure, we introduced a light frame vertical system complemented by CLT horizontal panels.

To tackle the cantilevering challenge, up-stand glulam beams were seamlessly integrated, efficiently dowelled to glulam columns for enhanced stability and integrity.

With a focus on achieving exceptional serviceability and vibration performance, we adhere to the latest international standards, ensuring a structure that not only meets but exceeds safety and performance expectations.

At TimberXP, efficiency is a guiding principle. Leveraging Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), our project execution is not just precise but also cost-effective.

Sustainability remains intrinsic to our ethos, blending innovation with eco-conscious practices to meet both client's and supplier's preferences and availability.

TimberXP_LF Cantilevering Structure
Download PDF • 3.65MB


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