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Our Services

At TimberXP, we specialise in providing innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient structural solutions.
Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your project, ensuring that we can deliver the best possible results for every client.


Timber Engineering

With over 25 years of combined expertise, we are leading experts in designing mass timber and hybrid structures, dedicated to sustainability and decarbonization.


Through deep knowledge and cutting-edge design, we envision a future where construction aligns with ecological priorities, achieving a harmonious balance between architectural excellence and environmental responsibility.


Structural Analysis

We specialise in comprehensive structural analysis, covering diverse projects from residential and commercial spaces to long-span structures and bridges.


Our expertise includes floor vibration, linear, and non-linear analysis, ensuring structural integrity and precision.

Trust us to bring visions to life with cutting-edge techniques, optimizing structures across various architectural challenges.


DFMA Product Development

As specialists in DFMA product development, we are pioneers in creating sustainable, innovative, and cost-efficient structures.


Our expertise lies in integrating kit-of-parts, MMC, and early supply involvement.

We navigate the evolving construction landscape, ensuring each project embodies efficiency, sustainability, and innovation from inception to completion.


Modelling and Documentation

Our skilled team supports architects, suppliers, engineers, builders, and clients in modeling structures up to LOD400.

With precision, we simplify fabrication through detailed drawings, ensuring a smooth manufacturing and installation process.


From concept to execution, we foster collaboration, efficiency, and seamless transitions from virtual to physical reality.


Value Engineering

Renowned for our exceptional prowess in structural Value Engineering, our team excels in optimizing designs for maximum efficiency without compromising integrity. 

With over two decades of combined experience, our team optimizes designs for efficiency without compromising integrity, delivering structures that balance performance, durability, and economic viability. Trust us for meticulous analysis and innovative, value-driven engineering.


Construction  & Production Supervision

With expertise in construction supervision, we assist in overseeing project execution, ensuring quality, safety, and completion.


Our team coordinates teams, conducts inspections, and provides a high level of peer review for fabrication and production documentation.

Registered as CPEng MIEAust NER engineers in multiple Australian states, we offer compliance and structural certifications to national codes.

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